GC Ximuly`s Sindy Doll of Sweet Charm
Red tabby white exotic LH female
br: Irina Proskyrina
ow: Tatiyana Kamaeva
Real World`s Just Joey
of Ximuly

CH Real World`s

GC Johnorah's Wiseguy
of Real World

Daalimo Pistol Pete
of Johnorah
GC Daalimo`s Top Gun
Anz Optical Illusion of Daalimo
Copacats Crushette
of Johnorah
GC Copacats Nureyev
GC Copacats Gipsy Rose
Q-T Cats Velveeta
of Real World

GC, NW Kitjim's
Bittersweet Harvest
GC, GP Q-T Cats Presious Cargo of Kitjim
CH Tolaramy`s Autumm of Kitjim
GC, NW Q-T Cats Ashley
of Chinois

GC, BW, NW Q-T Cats Danny Boy
GC, GP, NW Q-T Cats O`Susannah, DM
Real World's

GC Kuorii Cupido
of Real World
GC, DW Kuorii Bouba
of Latin Lover

GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii
Mashhad Assayo of Kuorii, DM
Kuorii Baby Cheers
of Granddelight
GC Pajean`s Bayou Bandit of Bocasana
GC,NW Jovan Cheers of Kuorii
CH Coninckslust
Dega-Bulu's Special

CH Bolo`s Bodyguard of Nanza
Bolo`s Lisa Marie of Dega Bulu
Johnoran`s Viceguy of Real World
Johnoran`s Night And Day
Calivan`s Russian Doll
of Ximuly

GC, RW Calivan`s
Captan Hook, DM
CH Becton`s Bo Jungles
of Calivan, DM

GC Del Adene
J`bustopher Brown, DM
GIC Tulgey Charlie Brown
CH Flannelle Del Adene
GC Becton`s
Desert Daze, DM
GC, RW Becton`s Mister Troublole of Baja
GP Becton`s Miss Behavin of Baja, DM
CH Granddelight`s Hidden
Treasure of Calivan

GC, RW Bryn Mawr Repley
of Fairviewers
GC, BW, NW Bryn Mawr Bugsi Malone, DM
GC, GP, NW Jovan Miss USA of Bryn Mawr, DM
Chancery`s Cali
of Granddelight

CH Marhei On Your Marque of Cancery
CH Islandstyle`s Brittany of Chancery
CH Desmin Dollmaker
of Calivan
GC, RW Cotn Hill`s
No Trash Here
GC, RW Candirand`s
Crash Bandicoot

GC Candirand`s Simply Irresistable
CH Candirand`s Upbridled Passion
GC Fanci FX Margarita
of Cotn Hill, DM

GC, RW Fanci FX Teqila Sunrise, DM
GC Tehy Stars`n Stripes of Fanci FX, DM
GC, BW, NW Desmin
Driving Miss Daisy, DM
CH Desmin Desert
Five-Spot, DM
CH Covaliga Ted E. Bear of Berlin
CH Zoticats Petunia of Desmin, DM
GC, RW Heida Hello Dolly
of Desmin

Mr. Bailey of Casongs
GC Heida Bye Bye Love

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